SPENCER COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- It was Friday night, dark outside, when an off-duty police officer was driving by a Spencer County creek and saw something that made him stop. 

Shelbyville Police Officer Toby Lewis discovered a crash on his way home to Taylorsville, though he was taking a different route than normal, when he noticed a reflector coming from the area of Elk Creek along Highway 55. 

"So I back up and I turned my spotlight on and happened to see a car," Lewis explained. 

Lewis says the car was sideways so he called for more help and walked down to the water. 

"I started hearing a young lady inside scream 'Help me, get me out of here,'" Lewis told WDRB News. 

Family members say the girl inside was 17-year-old Tayler Wilson. Lewis says she was suspended in the air by her seat belt. 

"The first thing I done is rip the sun roof out of the car with my hands and was able get into to her," Lewis said. "She had a large laceration to the head, but I don't want her to know how bad her injuries are at this point." 

Lewis says he tried to hold Wilson up and calm her. 

"You think about your own children when you see something of this nature," he said. 

The teen was flown to the hospital that night but we're told she's now recovering at home. 

"We're just fortunate that's she's going to be able to make her graduation this year, she graduates from Spencer County High School this year," Lewis said. 

Wilson's mom, Denise, says her daughter suffered a broken rib, bruised lung and had to get staples and stitches in her head. 

She also tells us once Wilson is better, the family would like to meet and thank Lewis in person. 

Denise says she believes Lewis saved her daughter's life. 

"That's what they tell me, that's what they say, I'm just glad she's okay," Lewis said. 

The Spencer Co. Sheriff's Office says the crash is still under investigation. 

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