RADCLIFF, Ky. (WDRB) – Court documents reveal a woman was tied up, stabbed and left for dead over the weekend near the Ohio River in Brandenburg, Kentucky.

According to an arrest report, the situation started Sunday morning at a home on South Wilson Road in Radcliff. The home belongs to Schawn Millin, one of five suspects in the case.

The paperwork claims “bed sheets, pillow cases, and tape” were used to tie up a woman, who was then forced “at knife point” into her own car.

The documents go on to say the victim was taken to the Matthew Welsh Bridge connecting Brandenburg, Kentucky, to Mauckport, Indiana. She was “made to walk to the bridge railing, where she was ordered to jump into the river.”

When the victim refused the order, the paperwork says one of five people “stabbed her in her upper right chest…leaving her to die on the roadway.”

Meade County Dispatch received several calls when the victim was spotted on the bridge:

Dispatcher: “Meade County 911. What is your emergency?”

Caller: “There’s a lady walking on the center yellow line. She looks like she’s been beaten.”

Caller: “There’s a lady that’s walking in the middle of the bridge that she has blood all over and we didn’t stop, but I just wanted to call somebody and let them know.”

Dispatcher: “We have the girl. A guy in a blue jeep picked her up. She’s been stabbed multiple times.”

“Why a gathering between all these folks went south and turned out to a near deadly crime, I can’t explain that,” said Chief Jeff Cross with the Radcliff Police Department. “These folks all knew each other and were associates, so we don’t feel like it was a random crime against any citizen.”

Christopher Deaton and Schawn Millin were arrested Monday, charged with kidnapping.

“That’s messed up,” said Shane Gahafer, who lives next door to Millin. “Radcliff’s getting a little bigger, I guess, and crime’s getting worse.”

Police say a third suspect, Angela New was taken into custody on Tuesday afternoon.

A fourth person, Marc McCoy was in custody in Harrison County, Indiana on an unrelated charge. He is expected to be brought back to Kentucky.

The search continues for the fifth suspect.

According to Radcliff Police, additional charges are expected against all five suspects. That could include an attempted murder charge.

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