Serious sports fans not only want their teams to be competitive, but contend for championships. 

Many successful schools, including U of L, Alabama, Michigan and many more are employing a rather controversial recruiting practice. They may offer an athlete a scholarship, but as the kid finishes his high school career, if he doesn’t turn out to be as good as they thought -- or frankly, if they can recruit a better player -- they sometimes withdraw the scholarship offer. There’s nothing illegal about it, but it has many fans whining that it is too ruthless and unfair.   

Why?  Kids decommit to schools all the time. Why can’t that be a two-way street? A top-notch football or basketball program must be a little Darwinian – only the strong survive. Otherwise you’re not top notch. Scholarships to the best programs should be merit based.

So, why should recruiting tactics in big time sports matter to us? 

We’ve become so soft in this country, thinking everyone is entitled to something.  Whatever happened to earning your place based on your talents, effort and performance? If you want to be the best sports team, or business, or television station for that matter, you have to attract the best talent.  Winners know how to win. Winners attract winners. Winners make the people around them better.  We should celebrate and reward excellence, not complain that success is too hard.

I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.

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