This week, Louisville State Senators Julie Raque Adams and Morgan McGarvey proposed another amendment to the state constitution that would allow voters to decide whether or not to expand gaming in Kentucky. And this time, it actually could happen.

Why? For one thing, Adams and McGarvey propose that most of the revenue generated by any expanded gambling be directed toward shoring up the state's troubled public pension system - a need most Kentuckians can agree on.

Secondly, the proposal also has the backing of Greater Louisville Inc., which points out that Kentucky now loses over $546 million annually to neighboring states that already have casinos.

And then there's also the added benefit of the bipartisan nature of the proposal, which comes from Republican Adams and Democrat McGarvey.
Some are afraid the horse industry would oppose the proposal because it would only receive about 10% of the revenue. But that would still be 10% of an awfully big number. Which is a lot better than 0% of nothing.

Of course, some ultra-conservative rural legislators will always oppose this idea on moral grounds.  But what would really be immoral would be welshing on the pension payments that people have been promised and have earned. And now that Governor Bevin has taken the first step toward addressing that problem with his budget proposal, now's the time for our lawmakers to keep the ball rolling by taking this step.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.