In regards to JCPS achievement and the desired goal of lifting Louisville's public academic progress, I think we could do better with an additional strategy. We've learned over the years that more money is probably not going to help raise student achievement. 

I believe Superintendent Donna Hargens and JCPS do a pretty good job, especially with teachers and administrators continuing to be constantly evaluated and elevated.

We've reached a point where the students and their parents/guardians must acknowledge the need and benefit of taking a continuing greater ownership of their future through the gift of education. It's estimated that for a child now entering kindergarten in Jefferson County, the total cost of the 13 years of taxpayer paid-for education will exceed $200,000 per pupil!  What a nice gift from the people of Kentucky!

I believe three steps need to be emphasized: 

1. The student realizing the blessing of a $12,000-plus per pupil annual gift by the taxpayer to help the students help themselves. 

2. Accepting that the current and past standards of student school performance needs improving and pledging a desire to improve on an ongoing basis. 

3. JCPS should start, organize and emphasize weekly "small groups" meetings for students willing to attend and apply themselves. These meetings could be led by volunteers and held at the school for the student's entire kindergarten through senior year academic life, stressing growth and accountability. 

Why not give this a system-wide try throughout JCPS? What have we got to lose? 

I'm Bill Leavell and that's my Point of View.

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