LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- After Friday’s announcement that U of L’s basketball team would be banned from post-season play, you could almost hear the collective groan from the U of L campus. 

It comes during an investigation into a University of Louisville basketball sex scandal that involved allegations of women being paid to dance for and have sex with players and recruits from 2010-2014 in a campus dorm.

Some fans were hoping this year’s team would go unpunished, but the school's own investigation found proof so damning that it has taken itself out of post-season play.

"I didn't really want to believe it but then I was like oh crap it's true,” said Bethany Spaulding, U of L freshman.

"I understand the punishment but I don't like it,” Frankie Boyd, a university freshman, told WDRB.

"I didn't think they would take such drastic measures like not participating in the tournament." said Jarius Beason, also a U of L freshman.

“We love U of L sports here. We want them to do well and now we can't see it happen,” said Boyd.

Boyd told WDRB he especially feels sorry for the senior athletes on the team.

"That can completely ruin their career,” he said.

Others agree saying this is the wrong team to punish since the alleged sex scandal involving basketball players happened years ago.

"They're getting punished for something they didn't have any control over,” said Spaulding.

Students who wanted to cheer for their team all the way until the end, are now having to make other plans with just nine games now left in the season, four of them home games.

"Really mad, frustrated, angry, really upset and disappointed,” said Spaulding.

"We've been in the tournament every year since like 2006 and like we've always had a good team and U of L sports is a big thing around campus,” said Beason.

University officials say they will "follow up" with fans who already purchased tournament tickets.

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