LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) – This is not what graduate transfers Trey Lewis and Damion Lee signed up for.

“The reason we came here was to play in the NCAA tournament,” said Lewis.  

But that is not happening.  On Friday, the Cardinals self-imposed a one year postseason pan. Lee and Lewis were shocked when head coach Rick Pitino came to them first to break the news.  

“We both feel like we don’t deserve this,” said Lewis, who transferred to Louisville from Cleveland State.

“We were emotionless. Is this real life? Is this really happening?” asked Drexel transfer Damion Lee.

It was.

Pitino then told the news to rest of the team. Their reaction? To show love to Lee and Lewis, the guys who made it clear playing in the NCAA tournament was their goal since day one. The guys who have led them through Puerto Rico all the way to an 18 and 4 record going into Saturday’s game against Boston College.  

They cried together. Then stood together. From beginning to end. As Lewis and Lee spoke Friday, their teammates stood behind them in a show of solidarity

“We’re in this together,” said Lewis.  “We still have each other’s backs. We’ll get through this together.”  

Lewis and Lee both said they will continue to play with a purpose. There are 9 games left in the regular season (And their college careers) and as far as their effort goes, both say nothing has changed.

“This is our championship, these nine games,” said Lewis. “We have to enjoy it.”

It’s not the ending they wanted but as far as their choice to transfer there are no regrets.

“No matter what this school has been so welcoming to us,” said Lee. “There’s no place we’d rather go.”

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