LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- She is the woman who started it all. Katina Powell's book, "Breaking Cardinal Rules," touched off a sex scandal that's now ended U of L's men's basketball 2015-16 season early.

The book details a series of parties filled with dancers and prostitutes. Powell claims it was all to help recruit players to the team. 

Since the book came out in October 2015, statements have been made challenging the accuracy of what Powell wrote. Her attorney, Larry Wilder, told WDRB on Friday his client feels "vindicated." 

"There was certainly a palpable feeling watching the administrators talk (Friday) about what had happened that they truly understand the seriousness now of the things that occurred," Wilder said.

Much of the book centers around former player and graduate assistant Andre McGee. Powell claims he was her contact who helped arrange the parties.

Wilder said that although his client is happy her story is now being taken seriously, it bothers Powell that McGee is not facing consequences.

"You take the hit for what he did, and you're here at the time we paid for his sins, and he leaves the institution, and he isn't ever subject to the punishment for what he did," Wilder said.

U of L owned up to some type of wrongdoing Friday but would not yet detail what that was exactly. Based off Powell's diaries, Wilder happens to be on the coach's side.

"There is absolutely nothing that I have seen, nothing that I know, there's nothing that would leave me to believe that anyone can prove that Rick Pitino knew anything," he said. 

Meanwhile, Powell is feeling the effects of this scandal. Wilder said she has had her life threatened, has had a hard time finding work, and her daughter lost her job. But, still, Powell does not regret writing the book.

Wilder said he and his client only hope there will be change across all universities when it comes to young athletes.

"We hand them over to adults, and we are to trust that there is enough oversight, because they're still kids, man, that these type of things won't happen."

Wilder believe Friday's self-imposed sanctions is just a state of things to come. He believes the NCAA investigation will continue and prove the validity of "Breaking Cardinal Rules."