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POV | Don’t punish the innocent

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It’s not unreasonable to assume there’s information about the Katina Powell scandal that U of L President James Ramsey has and we don’t. But I simply can’t imagine any good that can come out of his decision to yank this year’s Cardinal team from post-season play.

Although Dr. Ramsey and the school’s investigative committee apparently now believe that major sanctions against the Cards are inevitable, it’s simply not fair to punish this team for any sins of their predecessors.

If there must be post-season bans, they should begin in 2017 -- not this year. After all, if punishment is due, it’s the university that should be punished -- not players who broke no rules.  

It certainly appears that Jim Ramsey made this pre-emptive ban in an attempt to look decisive and strong. But this decision to throw innocent people under the bus only makes him appear cowardly and self-serving. If he really wants to look strong, he should repeal this self-imposed ban immediately and wait for the NCAA to make an official ruling.

Since this was a self-imposed punishment, it may not be too late to rescind it and let these guys advance as far as they can. That might result in a harsher punishment down the road, but at least the institution would suffer it instead of the students it’s supposed to serve.

Call and tell us what you think.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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