LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police arrested a construction worker accused of burglarizing a mosque on Westport Road.

According to LMPD, the suspect, Jonathan Foster, was on the job at The Muslim Community Center of Louisville. The location is home to a mosque and The Islamic School of Louisville.

"They had some workers in and out during the day. At night, there was a person that went back to the site," said Sgt. Pat Bass, with LMPD's Eighth Division.

Sgt. Bass said Foster was a contract worker on a construction job at the Westport Road location on Feb. 5. He was not arrested until several days later.

"He was working during the daytime ours but the work had stopped for the day, and he went back after hours to gain entry into the building," Sgt. Bass. 

Police said the location has surveillance cameras inside and that led them to Foster.

"Then we were able to piece together thru the video information -- Jonathan coming at a time that he was not supposed to be coming," Sgt. Bass explained. 

Sgt. Bass said there is video and images of Foster inside the mosque after hours and when he is not supposed to be there. The images also show the donation box. Police suspect the box had a significant amount of money inside.

"The report was guessing $3,000, but we don't know for sure," said Sgt. Bass.

The donation box was being used to collected money for the school and mosque. It's still missing but Foster was arrested on Friday and taken to Metro Corrections.

WDRB News has learned his criminal history is 25 pages long. He has at least a dozen convictions since 2002. That includes possession of marijuana, fleeing or evading police, possession of a controlled substance and theft by unlawful taking. Foster also has several pending charges. He is charged with third-degree burglary in this recent case.

"It is unnerving that you have to worry about people coming back and burglarizing the place that they're working," said Sgt. Bass.

Foster spent one night at Metro Corrections, but he was released on Saturday.

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