LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Bardstown Police have arrested two people after a search uncovered drugs, guns and several thousand dollars in cash.

According to a Facebook post from Bardstown police, Joshua Salazar, 25, and Tess Holbrook, 23, were arrested over the weekend.

Bardstown Police say guns, drugs and thousands of dollars were found inside Salazar and Holbrook's apartment.

Officials say an officer pulled over Salazar's vehicle on a canceled registration plate. Police discovered Salazar had a suspended license and active arrest warrants issued through Marion District Court. The officer also smelled marijuana coming from inside Salazar's vehicle.

Authorities say at the time of the stop, Salazar had an Oxycodone pill in his pocket and about $3,000 in cash.

Investigators also say consent was given to search the vehicle. During the search, two marijuana cigarettes were found in the ashtray. About 52 grams of cocaine, a loaded .380 caliber handgun and two Oxycodone pills were found in a hidden compartment inside the vehicle, according to police.

Police then went to the pair's apartment on North Third Street and found four grams of cocaine, an AR-15 rifle, a hunting rifle, a .380 pistol and an HK 40 caliber pistol. A large amount of ammunition, several loaded magazines and about $27,000 in cash were found.

Salazar is charged with trafficking a controlled substance, having a concealed deadly weapon, having drug paraphernalia, marijuana possession, possession of a controlled substance, operating on a suspended license, not having registration plates and failure to maintain insurance.

Holbrook is charged with one count of trafficking a controlled substance and having drug paraphernalia.

Both are being held at the Nelson County Jail. Police are continuing their investigation into the case.

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