LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- 2015 was one of the most violent years in Louisville's history.

But WDRB's Chris Sutter has found that some teens, usually considered "at risk," are fighting back.


Crime, and what it does to people is palpable at the Park Hill Housing Project. Across the street from spray-painted and boarded-up buildings, and inside unit 31, is where Braxton Carter learned about life. 

"That's where I really found out who I was," Carter says.

The space was too small for a family of six. Dad wasn't around. Fending for himself was the only option.

And sometimes, here, that means entering the world of drugs.  

"You're a product of your environment, and that's what I saw," Carter says. "I saw the drug dealers out there. They had nice cars, jewelry, money. I wanted that. I never had nothing."

What started as dealing spiraled out of control. 

"I wasn't going to get caught by the police," Carter said. "I wasn't going to go to prison. I was going to sell drugs all my life, get rich and get me a big house. Like they have in the movies, like they have in the music videos. That's what I saw."

That is, until a gym and a coach changed his life.

We'll have the full story for you tonight.

TITLE: Louisville TKO and the King of the Ring
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