JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- The man who started a fire that killed three young children, pleaded guilty Monday in an incident that left a police officer injured.

In January 2014, Cody Cashion fired a flare gun into a New Albany home on Ealy Street. Three of four children inside died. Cashion was sentenced to 65 years in prison in a plea deal.

Days after the fire, Cashion and another teen were in a swerving SUV. When police tried to pull the car over, the driver purposely slammed into a police cruiser, injuring a Clarksville Police Officer.

Investigators say Cashion was driving, but say they couldn't prove it. Under a plea deal he agreed to in court Monday, he will be sentenced to eight years for criminal recklessness.

He will serve that sentence at the same time as his 65 year sentence.

"The officer was consulted in conjunction with this plea offer and does support the plea offer ... and does think that it's appropriate in light of the proof we have in the case," said Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull.

Mull said that concurrent sentences are not uncommon in separate cases.

"There are times we agree to run cases concurrent with other counties or other sentences," Mull said. "You will see that, on occasion, sentences out of other jurisdictions get overturned, they get reversed. What I'm confident of as Clark County Prosecutor is that he is going to be doing eight years in prison for his actions in Clark County, and hopefully that will run concurrently with Floyd County's."

The case for the other teen involved in the crash has been resolved.

Cashion will be sentenced Feb. 29.

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