LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – In early 2012, the owners of the downtown Waterfront Park Place condominium building agreed to lease one of its parking lots to Louisville’s parking agency.

In return, the Parking Authority of River City agreed to pay $2,500 in rent every month -- and any real estate taxes and fees on the 36-space lot at the corner of Witherspoon and Brook streets.

But PARC has failed to pay any of those taxes -- $24,160 -- and hasn’t maintained the lot under the terms of the agreement, Waterfront Park Place alleges in a lawsuit filed Feb. 2 in Jefferson Circuit Court.

"It's hard to trust them if they're not doing what they say they're going to do,” said Taylor Heck.

In all, the suit claims, PARC owes nearly $43,000 in tax and maintenance payments made by building officials. The taxes include those earmarked to state and city governments and Jefferson County Public Schools, along with assessments that fund downtown services, according to court documents.

PARC charges $60 for monthly parking in the lot, according to the agency’s website. PARC director Tiffany Smith declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The news has some Louisville residents irritated.

“I think they should settle rather than go to court and waste more tax payer money. Settle, get a fair agreement,” Mike Lutes told WDRB.

The lease runs until 2022. It was signed by Margaret Handmaker and Patti Clare, both of whom have served in economic development roles in Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s administration.

"If they're not paying, why should they expect us to pay?" added Heck.

Waterfront Park Place is seeking to be reimbursed and have its attorney fees paid, in addition to a court order that PARC must pay the property taxes specified in the lease.

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