RADCLIFF, Ky. (WDRB) -- A stab wound to the forehead is just one of several that Dealynn O’Connor suffered during an attack last month.

The 50-year-old recalls a friend inviting her to a home in Radcliff on Jan. 31. When that friend disappeared, O’Connor says strangers attacked her.

“I was hit with a bat. I was kicked. They stuffed a bandana in my mouth and taped me up. Put pillowcases over my head and walked me to my car,” O’Connor told WDRB. “They just kept telling me to shut up. And every time I spoke, I’d get hit.”

With her face covered, O’Connor says she had no idea where she was headed.

“I was pulled out of the car and I was pushed and told to jump,” O’Connor said.

The victim had been taken to the bridge over the Ohio River, connecting Brandenburg, Kentucky to Mauckport, Indiana.

“They kept telling me to jump, and I wasn’t gonna jump. I couldn’t feel anything, and they started stabbing me,” O’Connor said. “Every time I refused to do what they told me to do, I got stabbed.”

Stabbed as many as eight times, O’Connor says she was left for dead along the bridge.

“I just saw the two cars driving away, then I was walking down the road, trying to get anybody to help me,” O’Connor said. “I remember that nobody would stop. Everyone was just swerving around me.”

O’Connor credits a man in Jeep, who stopped to pick her up, with helping to save her life.

She was taken to University Hospital in Louisville, where she spent nearly a week, receiving treatment for stab wounds and a collapsed lung.

Five people were arrested in connection with the attack. Christopher Deaton, Schawn Millin, Angela New, Marc McCoy and Trevor Brown Jr. are all charged with attempted murder.

“I can forgive them, but I can never forget and I don’t think my trust will ever be what it was,” O’Connor said. “I want the maximum punishment that they can get. There was no reason for it. I would’ve gave them anything. That’s the type of person I am. I give to people, even if it means I go without. But they took it.”

O’Connor says she did not know her attackers. She says they got away with cash and jewelry, emptied her bank account, and totaled her car in Indiana, leaving her with no money or transportation.

She has set up a GoFundMe page in the hopes that her community will help her.

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