LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDRB) -- Some students at the University of Kentucky are dealing with swollen salivary glands, which is alarming school officials because they're not quite sure what's causing it.

"About two weeks ago, our clinicians inadvertently discovered that a number of students were coming in with this swelling," said Mindy Scott, the UK Director of Nursing.

Which they found to be parotitis.

"Basically parotitis is a symptom of something such as flu, it could be from the flu bug, it could be from mono, or from HIV. It's more of a symptom from a viral or bacterial infection," said Scott.

So far, 17 students have been treated and officials are seeing symptoms range from person to person.

"Some of these kids have had so much swelling that they can't hardly eat along with a fever, pain, body aches and chills and others have very minor swelling and low grade fever," said Scott.

As of now, medical officials speculate that it's contagious, so all students at the university have been notified.

"There was an email that went out last Friday afternoon to the entire campus and you know just again telling students to use good hand hygiene, eat right, get plenty of fluids plenty of rest," said Scott.

Public Health Officials advised the university to do more research and testing. They recently sent samples and swabs to the department of health. the swabs will be tested for mumps, bacterial infections and viruses.

"Hopefully by the end of the week, we'll have some results and we'll kind of know more about what's going on," said Scott.

School officials have asked students with parotitis to stay off campus for five days or wear a mask.

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