LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Kentucky Attorney General's Office says scam artists are preying on the most vulnerable: the Commonwealth's seniors.

Law enforcement representatives are supposed to protect and serve, but Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear says these scammers -- who are not members of law enforcement -- are tarnishing the good names of those who are.

Older Kentuckians are being targeted over the phone by scam artists posing as sheriff's deputies. The scammers are using real deputies' names, saying they can help residents resolve a federal warrant that has been issued against them, for a price.

Beshear and a group of Kentucky sheriffs in and around Jefferson County joined forces today to raise awareness of the issue.

Over the last six weeks, his office and many sheriffs' offices have seen a huge increase in the number of scams. Here's how he says to handle these unwanted calls.

"Law enforcement will never call them and request money over the phone," Beshear said. "It's a very simple rule. If people are asking you to make a payment over the phone, hang up."

Beshear estimates more than 90 percent of unwanted calls are scams. If you do receive a call from someone you suspect is posing as a sheriff's deputy, call your local police or sheriff's office, or the office of the Attorney General.

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