LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- LGBT rights activists are again trying to convince the Kentucky General Assembly to pass a statewide fairness law.

Supporters packed a hearing room on Wednesday, asking lawmakers to update Kentucky's civil rights law to add protection against LGBT discrimination.

Activists say not having a statewide LGBT rights law is causing some businesses to stay away from Kentucky, while opponents claim the law would cause discrimination against Christian-owned businesses.

"We worry that a lot of folks don't want to move themselves, their families or their businesses here to the Commonwealth of Kentucky because we don't have these simple civil rights protections that say, '"Hey, you're going to be judged on the quality of your work and not on who you and who you love'," said Chris Hartman of the Fairness Campaign.

"Where fairness ordinances are instituted, you end up having all kinds of court cases that try to force religious people to agree with those on the other side of the agenda," said Kent Ostrander of the Family Foundation of Kentucky.

Supporters have gotten both Republicans and Democrats to co-sponsor the bill, but admit they don't expect passage this year.

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