BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- It can be frustrating for police, fire and EMS to rush out on an emergency call and not be able to find a house because the address isn't listed.

“Seconds matter when it comes to saving a life,” said Capt. Tom Roby, Bardstown PD.

That's why officials in Nelson County and the city of Bardstown are reminding citizens to make their addresses clearly visible.

“We're here to respond and help and if we can't find your house we can't help you,” Roby said.

Letters are being delivered and residents have until the beginning of March to get their house numbers up.

“It’s not just a city issue. It's a county wide issue,” said Roby.

Officials say it's especially important right now because Nelson County 911 is currently in the process of renaming nearly 800 addresses.

“The primary reason for that is public safety so we, the 911 center, can find you and tell the responders where to go to help you,” said Debbie Carter, dispatch director.

She says some rural addresses don't make sense on a grid and some roads in the county share a name which has caused problems in the past.

"We have two hill streets. We have one in Bardstown and one in Bloomfield and the numbers run the exact same so the dispatcher gets that information, types in hill street, okay. It comes with a selections on the screen. We inadvertently selected the wrong one so the EMS crew, someone calls says ‘where's the ambulance?’, we say ‘oh no, we picked the wrong one.’ Those things we're trying to remedy," Carter told WDRB.

The ordinance requires address numbers to be at least 4 inches tall and they need to be displayed on the mailbox, residence or both.

If you ignore the notice, you could receive a fine.