LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- No one was injured when a crane toppled over at the East End Bridge construction site near the Ohio River Friday morning. 

According to East End Bridge spokesman Dan Hartlage, a boom on the crane gave way due to "some type of mechanical failure." 

Hartlage says crews were "taking out some temporary supports" in the river before the collapse. He says crews are assessing what went wrong and any damage to the bridge and road structures already built, especially the portions that are underwater, but there doesn't appear to be significant damage. 

“Nobody sees anything (damaged),” Hartlage said. “But they’re going to double check.”

One worker fell into the river, but was quickly pulled out, Hartlage said. 

Jeff Cooper lives near the bridge and said he saw it all happen.

"As far as speechless, I was like, 'Woah!'" he said.

"It was about 45 minutes ago, I guess, and I was just walking by the window, heard a noise, turned around and looked, and that's when I seen it hitting the water," he said, this morning. "It was a just -- it was a rumble, and then it just rumbled, rumbled, more rumble," he added. "It went on for a few seconds."

WDRB's Gilbert Corsey asked Cooper what the workers were doing during this time.

"Oh I was busy watching it," he said. "I wasn't watching the workers."

One worker on the scene told Corsey that it all happened because of two words: "The wind."

Later in the afternoon, McKenzie Loid, a spokesperson for the East End Bridge Project, briefed reporters on what happened.

"A boom, which is part of the crane, had a mechanical failure," she said. "A worker did go into the water, but he got out fairly quickly and uninjured."

She said safety is the project's top priority, and a safety manager was on site.

"The boom was picking up temporary supports, and that's whenever it went down into the river," she said.

Work has been halted at the site. The East End Bridge was scheduled to be complete by the end of this year.

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