LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two Carrollton, Ky.,women are suing a doctor and a hospital, claiming they were sexually assaulted in their rooms.

Attorney Mat Slechter represents both women who were admitted to Carroll County Memorial Hospital.

He says the alleged incidents happened last year.

"I mean there seems to be a pattern here, where the assaults are perpetrated upon middle-aged ladies who are single or perhaps widowed, and they're in a weakened, defenseless condition in the hospital for medical treatment," Slechter said.

One was in May, the other in August, after the women were admitted to the hospital following a trip to the ER.

The women claim that Dr. Benjamin Kutnicki walked into their hospital room and touched their breasts under their gowns without their permission.

One even screamed for help.

"It's interesting," Slechter said. "When they contacted me, initially they both said they simply wanted to ensure that no other women have to endure this ordeal ... have to go through this traumatic experience.

"But they're seeking compensation for just the physical pain, the emotional anguish and stress they endured as a result of this. It's been very traumatic for them."

Slechter thinks there could be more victims and says he also filed a grievance with the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure.

Neither Dr. Kutnicki nor a hospital spokesperson could be reached for comment.

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