LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A pro-life organization and a group of local pastors say they not only support Kentucky's lawsuit against Planned Parenthood, they want Planned Parenthood out of their community. 

Angela Minter, the president of Sisters For Life, says Planned Parenthood is targeting its abortion services to African-American neighborhoods. 

Minter and church leaders claim that most abortions done by Planned Parenthood are done in lower-income or minority communities. They say they also support Governor Matt Bevin for stopping abortion services at the office on 7th street.  

Minter says she had two abortions while she attended college, and became an advocate against it after a third pregnancy. She's now back in college.

"I'm now finishing my degree," she said. "It was easy for me to go get back the education. But I would never be able to reach back and get Ryan if I had allowed her to get killed."

Minter also adds that Sisters for Life partners with pro-life pregnancy centers for pregnant women who need shelter and resources.

Kentucky sued Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky last week, after it began offering abortions without a license. 

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