JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- They're seen as critical pieces of equipment to hold police officers and the public accountable, and serve as evidence in court cases. 

But the Jeffersonville Police Department has now sent back all of the 60 body cameras it started using last year.

The department says it was testing out the body cameras for several months, but a few weeks ago, it returned them.

"I think any time you implement something to this scale, I mean especially with electronics, you have to expect some sort of hiccup," said Sgt. Isaac Parker.

Jeffersonville Police started using 60 DutyVue body cameras in 2015. But after testing them for seven months, mechanical and technical issues kept coming up.

"Some of the issues early on that they had were accessing those videos and placing them on a CD -- basically only the manufacturer of the kiosk would've been able to obtain those," said Parker.

Police say they were having a hard time transferring the video once it was downloaded, sometimes the gear would switch between normal and night vision, change modes, and the batteries wouldn't last for an 8-hour shift.

The department says no clips being used as evidence were affected nor was public safety.

“The citizens of Jeffersonville are always protected by the police department,” said Parker. “The video just provided an additional source of what occurred during that event."

Primal USA, the vendor for the cameras, says Jeff PD wanted unique software different from standard models. It's now evaluating the returned gear to figure out what's wrong.

In a statement to WDRB, Primal USA said, "We intend to offer the agency a new model with interchangeable batteries and custom designed software to their specifications ... Our goal is to resolve their concerns as soon as possible."

The department is currently testing three other brands and 12 of those cameras are now on the streets.

"The chief's very dedicated to the success of this program," said Parker.

The testing phase for the new cameras could take several months. Parker says the department will take its time to make a decision.

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