ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) –- An online petition titled "Fight for the Incarcerateds Rights! Treat our Loved Ones Better!" is calling for a change at the Hardin County Detention Center. 

Petitioners want inmates "to be treated as human beings" and to be given water that "doesn't make our stomach or theirs cringe." But Hardin County Jailer Danny Allen says the water is safe to drink. 

“Hey folks, you're in jail,” said Allen.

Allen said the jail has a chlorine tank and two filtration tanks to keep the water clean.

Inmate Jacob Byers has spent the past nine months there for trafficking meth and said he hasn't had any issue with the water.

“It tastes fine to me. It's crystal clear,” Byers told WDRB News.

Police departments have also seen the petition. Vine Grove Police posted it on Facebook saying "How about staying out of jail to begin with!"

Allen added drinking tap water is just one small way they have to pay for the consequences of their actions.

“You've got to deal with that and you've got to pay society back for what you do and is it like the Holiday Inn? No,” Allen said.

The petition also has issue with the connected toilet and sink, but Allen said that water is still filtered and has to be one unit for safety reasons. Another safety hazard is bottled water and that's why inmates will never have them.

“They can break the pieces of plastic off, sharp edges where they could harm officers or harm other inmates and we have to think about the safety of the inmates in general,” Allen said.

When the petition asked if Allen would drink the water himself he said he already does.

“If I want a drink of water, I'll drink out of the same water fountains that our inmates drink out of,” he said.

With more than two years left on his tracking sentence, Byers says he'll keep drinking the water without complaint.

“I put myself here, nobody else did. So you just got to deal with it until they release you,” Byers said.

The woman who started the petition could not be reached for comment.

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