LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's the sound you hear behind the wheel -- like a click or a squeal -- but by the time get your car to the shop, it's gone.

There's a person at Ford's Kentucky Truck plant hired to find the squeak before it drives you crazy.

"I mean you're listening for anything," said Dave Massengill one of Ford's so called 'Shake and Rattle' Engineers. 

One of his colleagues Joel Essex agreed, "It's pretty minute at times."

Their office sits in a pair of trailers on a side lot of the Kentucky truck plant. The Shake and Rattle team uses simulators inside the pods to recreate the roughest roads and most extreme temperatures to weed out noises that don't belong.

"If i figure out it's a design issue I spend a lot of time in here figuring out the best way to fix it from a corrective action standpoint whether it's a tooling change, change bumpers, add another clip or add a  piece of felt tape," Engineer Jeff Degenhardt said.

The team is currently working on the 2017 Ford Super Duty Truck. 

"It's very important. the rattles are one of our highest TGWs -- or things gone wrong," Dedenhardt said.

The stakes are high. Ford's investing $1.3 billion and hiring 2,000 people to launch a new assembly line for the truck.

Ford has built more than 5 million super Duty Trucks in Louisville.

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