LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Authorities have released the name of a man who was found dead on Grand Avenue.

Deputy Coroner Rita Taylor said the victim was 34-year-old Edward Alvis. He died from multiple gunshot wounds.

"I was laying there and I heard some boom! And I was like, what the hell was that," said Yolanda Kimbro, who called 911.

Kimbro now knows the "boom" she heard early Monday morning was a gunshot.

"It was between 2:00, I am going to say between 2:25 -- somewhere around in there," she said.

It happened at South 38th Street and Grand Avenue in the Parkland Neighborhood.

"So when I heard the boom, you know, I got out of the bed, I come here and looked out the window, I noticed a car was sitting here with some lights one," said Kimbro.

Kimbro also noticed someone inside the car with the engine still running.

"When I seen him sitting there, I thought he was sleep," she explained.

But the man inside the car never moved, according to Kimbro.

"So that's when I dialed 911 and talked to dispatch and told them they need to send someone out...there is a suspicious person just sitting here in front of my house, on the side of my house in a car."

Police say Alvis was pronounced dead at the scene. Right now, detectives don't know if he was shot by a passenger or someone outside the car.

"You know, we are looking at all of the aspects at this point, it's still very early in the investigation," said Dwight Mitchell, with LMPD.

Police are hoping someone knows something about the case -- even if that something is small.

"The tiniest bit of information -- you might think it is, we still want to know about it because it may lead to bigger information that we can find the person or persons responsible for this," said Mitchell.

"Cause, they need to be locked up, they don't need to be out on the streets," said Kimbro.

While detectives focus on a suspect, Yolanda Kimbro is thinking about the victim's next of kin.

"Nobody wants to get that call that, you know, that you've lost a family member to violence," she said.

The LMPD Homicide Unit is handling the investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call 574-LMPD (5673).

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