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POV | Does President Obama Have to Go Liberal?

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I'm convinced the roadblock concerning the current Supreme Court vacancy wouldn't be occurring if the Justice who had died had not been the conservative Antonin Scalia. If it had instead been one of the more liberal justices, any appointment by President Obama would only maintain the existing ideological balance in the court, and it's likely the Republican-controlled Senate would allow the process to unfold.

Likewise, if a Republican president were in office, I doubt if a Democratic-controlled Senate would object to replacing the conservative Scalia with another conservative -- for the same reason.

Unfortunately, as things stand, we’re pretty much at a stalemate. But if President Obama truly believes it's critical to fill that Court vacancy as soon as possible, why not nominate a genuinely moderate conservative judge for the post? One whose judicial skills are unquestioned, but isn't defined by the kind of liberal rulings that have marked his previous choices?

It wouldn't have to be another Scalia, but if it were someone who wouldn't upset the delicate balance of the existing Court, I don't believe the Senate could afford to reject a qualified nominee out of hand. It might not be Obama’s ideal candidate, but leadership is sometimes about compromise.

It's unlikely he'll do that, but it would certainly make for a "put up or shut up" moment for the Senate, wouldn't it?

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I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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