LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Jury selection started Tuesday in the case of two Carrollton Police officers who were indicted on kidnapping charges last year.

As it's gotten closer to trial, the case has gotten more complex.

The officers are accused of going against a judge's order when they took a mentally ill inmate to Louisville and bought him a one-way bus ticket to Florida.

On April 22, 2015, Adam Horine appeared in court for disorderly conduct and terroristic threatening charges. The judge ordered he be taken into custody and to a hospital because of his mental status.

But the Carrollton police chief at the time, Michael Willhoite, and officer Ron Dickow are accused of getting Horine out of jail in the middle of the night on the 23rd, driving him to Louisville and buying him a one-way bus ticket out of state.

Both were later indicted on charges of kidnapping and charged with official misconduct.

Video provided to WDRB by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting shows the officers getting Horine out of the Carroll County Detention Center that night.

Horine was later charged with escape and brought back to Kentucky.

The judge ordered the officers not remain in their police roles, but Ron Dickow is still listed as an officer on the Carrollton Police website.

The officers are being tried together in Carrollton. Their jury trial started on Tuesday with jury selection and opening statements.

The prosecution is arguing it was all planned.

“Evidence will show that when the defendants did that, they broke the law,” prosecutor Aaron Ann Cole said.

Dickow's defense attorney is saying it was a misunderstanding.

“You just heard a nice story, but they kind of fudged that up a little bit,” Dickow’s attorney said.  

Willhoite's defense attorney is saying Horine wanted to leave town.

“When Horine realized he was going to be placed under arrest, he told chief he said, ‘hey, don't arrest me. If you want I'll just leave town and you'll never see me again.’"

Most government offices in Carroll County have claimed conflict of interest so a Kenton County Judge is presiding, a Boone County Clerk is holding the records and the attorney general's office is prosecuting.

Adam Horine won't be involved in the trial, which officials say could be wrapped up by Friday. 

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