BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- Crystal Rogers, the missing Bardstown mother of five, has been missing for eight months.

Now signs asking people to pray for her safe return have also disappeared. Rogers’ mother, Sherry Ballard, said it’s a slap in the face.

A family friend witnessed a woman stealing Crystal's signs outside his business on Tuesday and told the family the back seat of her car was filled with the signs.

After finding out who the woman was and realizing she taught her oldest daughter in school, Ballard called the woman.

“I just told her can you explain to me why you did that, just give me a reason? She actually told me, I'm tired of Crystal. So when she said that, it just blew me away,” Ballard told WDRB News.

When we tried calling her ourselves to ask more questions, the woman hung up on us. However, during the conversation Ballard had with the woman she was able to find out where the signs were dumped.

Ballard was able to salvage some from a dumpster, but continues to be shocked by a lack of sympathy.

“She told me I would even get tired of it. I'm like I will never get tired of my daughter's signs up until we find her,” she said.

And until that happens, the Bardstown family will continue focusing on the kindness of people who continue to help search for Crystal.

“I can't believe people would be that mean, but I've had a lot of support so all of my support over weighs some of the ones that are negative out there,” she said.

The Ballards say they are going to go through with pressing charges.

On Wednesday they spent $300 on new signs.

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