CARROLLTON, Ky. (WDRB) -- Testimony continued Thursday in the trial of two Carrollton Police officers accused of defying a judge's orders and putting an inmate on a bus to Florida.

The trial might take longer than originally expected. This was day three of that trial.

Those officers -- Michael Willhoite and Ron Dickow -- are on trial for kidnapping and official misconduct.

Taking the stand today was Billie Johnson of the Carroll County Attorney's Office.

"What I knew is Adam Horine was supposed to be at Eastern State or the jail," Johnson said.

Johnson testified that on April 27, 2015 she was surprised when Carrollton Police officer Ron Dickow came to her asking, "How much trouble am I in?"

"He said the chief told him to go to the jail and pick up Adam Horine and take him to the bus station in Louisville and buy him a one-way ticket to Florida," Johnson said.

A judge says sending Horine out of state was part of a plea deal Carrollton Police Chief Michael Willhoite asked about, but the judge shot that down on April 22. Instead, she ordered Horine be brought to Eastern State Hospital for a mental evaluation.

But video from the early hours of April 23 shows Officer Dickow taking Horine out of the Carroll County Jail. 

That's when he's accused of putting the inmate on a bus to Florida.

Later that day, two deputy clerks in the Carroll County Circuit Court Clerk's Office say Willhoite was with his wife -- another deputy clerk -- talking openly about sending Horine away. 

 "I said, 'What happens if Adam gets off the bus between here and Florida?'" testified Carroll County Deputy Clerk Chrissy Hill.

"And what did the defendant say?" the prosecutor asked.

"'I don't know. Not my problem,'" Hill said, recalling the words.

The defense has argued the chief was not at Horine's arraignment-- but the deputy clerks say-- his wife prepared the docket-- and she would've known Horine was to be taken to Eastern State. 

As for Dickow's defense, they say he was just following orders.

In court Thursday, prosecutors also brought up a group text sent from County Attorney Nick Marsh to Chief Willhoite and Assistant Chief Tim Mitchell, making sure they knew to take Horine for his mental evaluation.

Willhoite's apparent response in a text only to his assistant chief, consisted of the words, "Just saw his text. Too late, Nick," according to testimony.

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