FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- Democrats and Republicans are bickering over the budget in Frankfort and social media is fueling the conflict over how to spend your tax dollars.

Gov. Matt Bevin has taken to social media to accuse House Democrats of moving too slowly on his proposed budget. But Democrats claim it's the new governor's fault.

Gov. Bevin posted it to his Twitter and Facebook pages, a video of Bevin in an empty House chamber, jabbing the Democratic leadership for not acting more quickly on his budget.

“I'm asking our House, Speaker Stumbo and everybody who's supposed to be at work in here, get to work. Pass the budget,” Bevin said in the video.

Democrats responded by posting a photo of lawmakers at work on the budget, not in the House chamber, but in the Capitol annex next door.

“Well, the governor, I think was a little bit disingenuous,” said House Speaker Greg Stumbo (D-Prestonsburg).

Stumbo says it's the governor’s office that's holding up the process.

“The administration hasn't brought information that they've been requested to bring. Now, it could be that they're new in their jobs,” Stumbo told reporters.

But House Republicans say the governor does have a point.

“There's been chaos. The process has taken on too long, and I really think that's what the governor was trying to get across,” said Rep. Steven Rudy (R-Paducah).

The House Appropriations and Revenue Committee did take a procedural vote on Tuesday to move the budget forward.

Stumbo says the final House version will be ready next week, and it will restore the governor's proposed cuts to education.

But Bevin repeated on his video that he will not accept major changes to his plan.

“I will not sign a budget that is going to borrow money from our children to pay for today's problems. I'm not going to do it. We've got to cut spending,” declared Bevin.

“He'll have a very limited way to spend money if he vetoes an entire budget, and we walk out of here without a budget,” countered Stumbo.

The General Assembly adjourns on April 12. Counting breaks, there are 16 working days left to pass a budget.

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