SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police body camera footage shows an officer talking to a driver shortly after a Shepherdsville road rage shooting.

In the video, Curtis Wyatt denies to officers that he fired the bullet from a .40 caliber handgun into the passenger side door of another car.

OFFICER: "If we recover that bullet out of that vehicle, is it going to come back to your gun?"

WYATT: "It shouldn't."

OFFICER: "What do you mean it shouldn't?"

WYATT: 'I mean, I wouldn't know of any reason it should."

The driver of the other car is Jasen Shults. We talked to Shults about the night of Feb. 29.

He said the encounter started when Wyatt nearly crashed into him on I-65 in Shepherdsville.

"Next thing I know, he comes flying up alongside me and slams on the brakes,” said Shults.

That's when Shults said Wyatt passed him, before reappearing and firing a gun.

"I look over and I just see him staring at my window, taking aim for a second shot,” said Shults.

But when Wyatt was asked by police a second time, he admitted to firing a gun.

OFFICER: "Just be straight up with me man. Did you get pissed off and lose control and shoot another car?”

WYATT: "Yeah."

OFFICER: "Were you trying to kill the guy?"

WYATT: "No."

Wyatt had his 18-month-old son in the car and said he was acting in self-defense.

Wyatt told an officer, "He came at me, rear-ended me, plowing into me in the emergency lane and tried to spin me."

Shults admits to running Wyatt off the road but said he only did that after Wyatt shot at him.

"I turned that wheel and until I felt the pressure leave the side of my car and I started to swerve, then I corrected,” he said.

Wyatt is charged with wanton endangerment and attempted murder. He admits his recollection of what happened may not be totally clear.

"I may have blacked out. My adrenaline gets going you know,” he told police.

Wyatt could face child endangerment charges for having his son in the car.

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