LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Five months after a man's body was found in a box, there's new information as to what led up to it.

The man accused of putting him there explains why he didn't want anyone to get his friend help after he overdosed on heroin.

On October 13, two young men riding ATV's made a grisly discovery in southern Jefferson County off South Park Road.

Inside that box was 55-year-old Texas resident Jeffrey Kingdon, who police say was put there by this man Derek Roark.

When police interviewed him, he said Kingdon was at his home when he shot up with heroin and collapsed. That's when Roark says he attempted CPR.

When asked why he did CPR, he said, "because he stopped breathing." 

When asked why he didn't call 911, Roark said, "Well because he kept shaking his hand saying 'don't call, don't call.' The first time, he said, 'man, don't call, don't call, I'm fine.'"

Roark says Kingdon didn't want to get into trouble for shooting heroine, because he was on probation. A warrant says Roark also refused to allow others to call for help. Roark says Kingdon spent the night, then left the next day and claimed he never saw him again.

"We're freaking out over where he's at, since Sunday," Roark says in the video. "I've called, texted, called, texted. We haven't been able to find him." 

Police then try to get Roark to fess up and Roark asks for an attorney.

But a neighbor tells a much different story, that he saw Roark building a box and that Roark even asked him to get into it.

"He asked me to help him pick it up and put it in his apartment, so I did," neighbor Tim McCubbins says in a taped interview with police. "And, a little while later, he came down to our apartment and asked me and my roommate josh to help him get it up into his truck, and we did.  And, I mean we never seen what was in it or anything."

Days later, Roark turned himself in to police, who suspect Kingdon died of a heroin overdose and Roark panicked. An employer says Roark told him the whole story.

"He proceeded to tell me that he was put in a tough situation, that he had to do what he had to do, that he did build the box and put him in," Harold Embry said. 

Derek Roark is charged with tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse.

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