LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is sticking by his guns to cut the state budget to pay for the pension crisis, despite a Republican setback in Tuesday's special election.

Democrats won three of the four seats up for grabs on Tuesday, tightening their hold on the state House. They say the election was a repudiation of Bevin's planned cuts, especially to education.

But Bevin says otherwise. Following an event in Louisville this morning, Bevin said Republicans knew they would have an uphill climb to win in the heavily Democratic districts. He says the elections were not about him -- and he again insists he will not sign a budget that borrows money to pay down the multi-billion-dollar pension shortfall.

"It will soon enough be the case, if we don't pay our pension obligations down, that we won't be able to borrow money, and we will be in such a level of debt, in such a level of unfunded financial obligation, that we will be cutting 19-, and 29-, and 59- and 99-percent, and every red cent that this state takes in will go to paying pension obligations, and we won't be able to have anything for higher education or police force or first-line responders or fill-in-the-blank," Gov. Bevin said.

Bevin again chided House Democratic leadership for moving too slowly on the budget.

The session ends on April 12. 

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