BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police have discovered hundreds of dollars worth of counterfeit cash in Bardstown and now they're looking for three suspects. 

The bills include hundreds, twenties and a ten, and add up to more than 800 fake dollars. 

"I think it'd be easy for someone to get it past a clerk," Bardstown Police Captain Tom Roby said about the quality. 

Investigators have released photos of three people they suspect of spending the counterfeit cash. Police also released a photo of a car the suspects may be driving. 

"This has been going on for approximately 30 days, several incidents, not all at one transaction," explained Roby. 

He says the suspects targeted the Walmart in Bardstown, but there could be other cases. 

"We expect probably other businesses in town will be contacting us," he said. "We also believe that they could possibly be involved in counterfeiting in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area, the Lebanon, Kentucky area and also in Indiana." 

Police didn't want to reveal how they connected the three suspects to the investigation and they don't know exactly how the fake money is being made. 

They do say local businesses should be on the look out and it only takes a few seconds to check suspicious bills with a detector pen. 

"Just be vigilant," Roby said. "When in doubt, call police."  

Investigators say tips could be the key to solving this case and making arrests. Producing fake money could result in federal charges. 

"Someone in either this community or the surrounding communities knows these people, they may know that vehicle, they may know what they're doing," Roby told WDRB News. 

If you know how the suspects, you're asked to call Det. Davis at 348-6811 or 348-3211.  

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