LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two-year-old Conner Bachuss was killed in December 2010. He was pricked with a thumbtack more than 140 times and abused so badly he died.

His mother’s then-boyfriend, Ronald Saunders II served just four-and-a-half years in prison on a plea deal.

He was released in August 2015. 

Bachuss' mom, Mashanna Bachuss Waggoner, fought to strengthen fatal child abuse penalties in Kentucky and succeeded. Originally charged with murder and facing 25 years in prison, Saunders' plea deal was for manslaughter in the 2nd degree, a "non-violent" crime.

Now, because of Bachuss Waggoner's persistence, fatal child abuse in Kentucky can fall under manslaughter in the 1st degree. It carries a 10-20 year sentence, and abusers have to serve 85-percent of that sentence before being released.

Now, WDRB has learned that Saunders has been arrested in Oklahoma on new charges of criminal abuse 1st degree - child 12 or under, and one count of being a persistent felony offender.  

According to Kentucky State Police, Saunders has been a fugitive since March 4, when a jury in Ballard County, Kentucky indicted him. He is in custody in Oklahoma on fugitive charges pending his extradition back to KY. 

Bachuss Waggoner posted this statement on Facebook:

"We are devastated to learn that Saunders has viciously hurt another innocent child. This is truly an unfortunate situation, but should be expected when you make plea deals with child murderers and then allowed early release through Kentucky's Mandatory Re-entry Supervision. This highlights some of the major flaws in the Kentucky Justice system that needs to be addressed."

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