SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The sign is posted for a special Shepherdsville city council meeting and the new mayor is hoping council members will actually show up so they can move the city forward.

"I don't understand. They say it's not personal, yet they come at me and say they don't want me involved. I feel like the city has been held hostage and there has been terroristic threats. If we don't comply to their every request, they -- somehow -- they will continue to shutdown the city," Mayor Brian James said.

The special Shepherdsville City Council meeting will be held Tuesday morning to discuss the Alpha Way Road Construction project and to have a first reading on an ordinance regarding flood damage prevention.

Some council members are not showing up at previous meetings because they question the legality of how James was appointed to office last month.

He became Mayor after Scott Ellis resigned over a sex scandal. James was appointed by three council members including his wife after two council members walked out,

"We are moving the city forward through morale, public works they've already started their park projects," said James.

The meetings were canceled because they didn't have enough council members present to conduct the meeting. 

Councilman Larry Hatfield says he wants James to step aside while his lawsuit is underway questioning James' appointment. But James says he plans to be at the meeting Tuesday and will chair the meeting like Mayors always do. If that happens, Hatfield says he won't attend  because the process may be illegal.

"If they will not show up, the game will continue," James said. "The city taxpayers are ultimately the one who suffers... there has been a lot of things that have happened in our county in recent months and there has been a lot of negative." He says the public sees the city turning around under his leadership.

James says he's also contacted the Kentucky Attorney General's Office to see what can be done about council members not showing up.

The special meeting will be held at Shepherdsville City Hall at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The Mayor says it'll be quick, around 30 minutes or less.

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