CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Clarksville's town hall will soon undergo renovations to allow weapons in part of the building.

Judge Jimmie Guilfoyle banned weapons from the town hall more than nine months ago.

Following public opposition, a special committee voted to separate the court from the rest of the building.

Guilfoyle says the town will now build a wall that will cost about $25,000.

"The result that we came to were they happy with it? I don't believe so. Was I completely happy with it? No. Do they agree with me? No and do I agree with them? No, but if everybody's leaving the negotiating table slightly unhappy, we probably reached the best result there was," Clarksville Town Judge Jimmie Guilfoyle.

Construction should start in the next couple months.

Weapons will not be allowed back in the building until the wall is finished.

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