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POV | Rule-breaking, not racism, earns Pegasus Parade ban

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Do you remember the story about the little boy who cried “Wolf?” Yeah, it’s the one about a little boy who was supposed to watch the sheep all day, and if a wolf showed up, he was to yell as loud as he could and the older men would come and kill it.

But after a while, the little boy grew bored and yelled “Wolf!” just to see what would happen. The men, of course, came running, but there was no wolf.

A short time later, the boy did it again. Same thing happened. Then, the next day, a wolf really did appear, and the little boy yelled “Wolf!” all right…but this time nobody came, because they thought it was just another false alarm.

This is what’s happening in our country right now, with so many people yelling “Racism!” over and over. Is there racism in our country?  Of course. But is every bad outcome due to racism? Of course not.

Take the West End dance group, for example, that’s yelling “Racism!” because they weren’t invited to participate in the Pegasus Parade this year. Last year they got a permit to bring 300 kids, but instead, on Parade Day, they showed up with 500! Not surprisingly, they weren’t invited back this year.

Was this racism? Or simply the fallout that comes from not following the rules?

I’ve been on the Kentucky Derby Festival Board of Directors for 14 years, and I can tell you with confidence that these people actively work to be as inclusive for all their events as they possibly can. But with a festival as big as this one, there have to be rules. Asking participants to follow those rules isn’t racism, and when a group plays the race card over something like this, it merely dulls the senses and diminishes the message for those who have been truly wronged. And that’s what people should be crying about.

Call us with your thoughts.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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