LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- What claims to be the world's first gender-neutral clothing store opened in the Nulu area recently.

Blofish just opened its first store on East Market Street.

It's a place where men and women can shop together without having separate departments.

The company has developed its own sizing system of one through five, to fit both men and women.

You'll find gender-neutral shirts and hats in the store.

"The position of the logo is very important to us, the positioning of the seams on the shoulders and as we've developed into many more products, pants and stuff like that, position of the pockets and the fit all of our fabrics are technical and have a little stretch to them," the company's Logan Manford said. 

The store says it has a big following on Instagram and in other cities.

Just 10-percent of sales so far are in Louisville.

Part of the company's sales go directly to a charity each month.

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