LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Indiana State Police launched a new campaign aimed at drinking and driving.

It's called "Operation Pullover" and is focused around NCAA Tournament game times. As a result, patrols in the Hoosier will be increased over the next two weekends. 

State police say they want to make sure anyone who drinks during tournament time doesn't get behind-the-wheel. 

"There's absolutely no excuse and no reason you get behind the wheel and think you can make it," Sgt. Philip Hensley, who is with the Indiana State Police, said. 

"That's when you fall asleep, drift over the center line, and you're going to have a crash with someone who wasn't expecting you to be drunk, and was trying to get home with a family of four.  We've seen it too often and we're tired of seeing it," Hensley added.

"Operation Pullover" runs through March 27.

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