UPDATE: MARCH 24, 2016 (6:12 AM):  WDRB has learned that Justin Shults' mother is traveling to Belgium today in search of answers.

UPDATE: MARCH 23, 2016 (6:27 PM): Told their loved ones were found, Kentucky family members now say the state department gave them the wrong information.

Stephanie and Justin Shults have been missing in Belgium since Tuesday's terrorist attacks. On Wednesday Justin Shults' brother, Levi Sutton, tweeted that family members were told the pair were found. 

Less than two hours later - a different tweet. This time, family were in shock when they learned Justin and Stephanie Shults' names were no longer on the U.S. State Department's list of American found in Belgium following the attacks. 

Levi Sutton tweeted that family members were given inaccurate information, something they were trying to avoid by sharing what they knew.  

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UPDATE: MARCH 23, 2016 (4:40 PM): A family member of Justin and Stephanie Shults has tweeted that the couple has been found. Their status is not known.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Levi Sutton, Justin Shults' brother, tweeted the following:

"State department just told my mom justin&steph were found. We do not know the severity of their injuries or what hospital they're at."

He also tweeted a short time later:

"We are trying to make sure there is as little misinformation out there as possible so again this is all we know at this time. Keep praying."


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Kentucky woman and her husband are among the missing in Brussels after terrorist attacks Tuesday morning.

Stephanie Shults, a Lexington, Ky. native and her husband, Justin Shults, dropped Stephanie's mother, Carolyn Moore, off inside the airport moments before the blast.

WDRB spoke to Justin Shults' brother, Levi Sutton, by phone Wednesday.

"From what Carolyn said, it's almost as if she had just said goodbye," Sutton said. "They were still sitting down in the seats when she went to check in and go through security and that's when the blast knocked her down, and after that obviously chaos ensued and she never saw them after that."

Moore was heading back to the United State after the trip to Belgium for a visit with her daughter and son-in-law. She and other family members have tried calling the couple, but cannot get in touch with them. Sutton says Moore is doing everything in her power as a mother to track down her daughter and son-in-law, including calling hospitals, which has been frustrating.

"They told her that their protocol in a situation like this is that they couldn't release any information on the patients," said Sutton. "So they still weren't able to tell her whether or not Justin or Stephanie were there."

But the family assumes that the two must be injured.

"I think that likely," Sutton said. "For them to not have been able to reach out to us going on 30 some-odd hours. I think they had to have sustained some types of injuries and were taken to a hospital."

Terror attacks in Belgium at the airport and the subway killed at least 31 people and injured 270 Tuesday.

"First 12 hours yesterday, it was just the longest day of our lives," said Sutton. "Very tough, every time we called each other one of us would start breaking down and next thing you know we're all crying."

But, their mood has changed from doom to promise.

"As soon as we got word they weren't on the casualty list, everyone's been very hopeful, very optimistic since then," Sutton said.

Sutton says his brother and sister-in-law will have been married five years in July. He says Justin just turned 30, and Stephanie is 29. Sutton adds that his brother is a hard worker.

"Justin, he's one of a kind," Sutton said. "I don't think he ever missed a day of school. I know he never got less than an 'A' on anything he ever did, grade school to high school. He was valedictorian."

He says his brother got scholarships to go to Vanderbilt, graduated in four years, and went to grad school there, where he met Stephanie. As for how they landed in Brussels, Sutton says their jobs took them there.

"They had been living and working in Nashville, and they both got opportunities to move to Belgium," Sutton said. "They're both accountants. She works for Mars, he works for Clarcor. They were going to be over there for three years and they moved over in 2014."

Sutton says Mars is flying Stephanie's father to Brussels to be with his wife as she searches for the couple. Justin's company is sending security teams to search hospitals and anywhere else injured people were taken. Still, the waiting is excruciating for family members.

"Every time I get a call from my mom, I'm just assuming it’s the one telling me that they're okay," Sutton said. "I haven't gotten that one just yet, but I know it's coming."

Sutton has a request for anyone following this story: "If you can, please share their story, get their picture out there. Surely if enough people see him and Stephanie they'll finally be found and this nightmare will be over."

"We can't wait to celebrate the good news," said Sutton. "Justin is my only big brother, so, we're just obviously very worried about him, and I just can't wait to hear from him."

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