LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The building and property that was once Lynn's Paradise Cafe has been sold.

The property is located at 984 Barret Avenue. 

"I feel such gratitude and awe at the breath and width of what we did together," said Lynn Winter, who owned the restaurant, according to a news release. "I give my thanks to every single person that lived my dream with me."

However, Lynn would not identify the purchaser, nor is there any record of the sale yet on the County Clerk's site, but a spokesperson for the restaurant said it is being sold to a Nashville-based restaurant owner who will reveal their identity within the next 30 days.

The original Lynn's Paradise Cafe opened in 1991 on Frankfort Avenue. It moved to Barret Avenue in 1994. The restaurant was notorious for its New Year's Pajama Party, Ugly Lamp Contest and Mother's Day Brunch.

Numerous dignitaries, including President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sir Richard Branson, visited the business.

But January 2013, Winter closed the restaurant without warning.

"I closed because I almost died," Winter explained.  "I became ill and almost had a second heart attack.  Not many people know that and it was actually something that I was too sick to discuss."

But today, Winter said she's feeling better than ever, and believes the new owners from Nashville will do the place justice.

"We had to get the right group to buy it that had plenty of capital and plenty of ideas. They have both," said Winter.

Nearby business owners who thought this day would never come are now breathing a sigh of relief.

"I'm emotional because I've been waiting three years and three months for Lynn to finally let go," said Terri Burt, owner of Nitty Gritty. "She definitely brought people from all over the world and people came out and shopped at the stores around her. So a vacant building has kind of put a damper on the street."

Winter apologized to her neighbors for the sale delay.  "I wanted, more than anything, to find the right group, and we all had to wait for it."

She has a message to everyone who supported Lynn's Paradise Cafe:  "I have to say, thank you.  It was a hell of a ride."

Winter has two weeks to move out of the building. She said everything inside will be "given away."


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