LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - The Clark County Sheriff's Office says if you're heading out of town, someone with the agency can check on your home or business. It's finally officially spring and that means school breaks and more vacations. 

"We thought it'd be a great time to let the community know that we offer this program," said Clark Co. Sheriff's Office Capt. Scottie Maples. 

That program includes visits from the sheriff's office for Clark County residents. 

"If you submit your email address, we'll email you the dates and times that your residence was checked," Maples explained. 

Maples says burglars target houses that are empty. 

"Basically, an officer will get out, walk the perimeter of the house, check the doors, make sure there's no signs of forced entry or anything like that," Maples said. 

To help keep criminals away, you should also keep some tips in mind. 

Lock all doors and windows, make sure your lawn is in good shape before leaving, stop your mail and don't get too carried away on social media. Officials say posting pictures and comments about your trip let's everyone know you're out of town. 

Aneshia Nunley says the next time she travels, she'll likely use the sheriff's office service. She says just a few months ago, her car was broken into right in front of her home. 

"I feel like it's a great idea just to protect our valuables and have a sense of security in our neighborhood," Nunley said. 

"We have burglaries just like any other community, and we feel that this might help deter it, or at least give you the peace of mind that Clark County Sheriff's Office will be checking your residence while you're out of town," Maples told WDRB News. 

Residents of Clark County can call 812-283-4471 ext 3150 or email smaples@clarkcosheriff.com to request a courtesy check.

Officials say you should leave the following information: name, address, contact phone number, contact name and number of anyone that will have access to the residence, vehicle description of any vehicles that will be at the residence while residents are away, email address, date and time of departure and return. .

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