WARNING: The following story -- and the video associated with it -- contains real, violent imagery. Viewer discretion is advised.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Raw, chilling footage captured what happened as a clerk was shot and killed inside a Louisville liquor store, and the struggle to catch the gunman. 

WDRB has obtained 911 calls, surveillance video and the point of view from police body cameras.

The 911 call begins ominously enough:

DISPATCHER: Hello this is 911 what is your emergency?

WITNESS: There is a shooting across the street in the liquor store...guy came in and shot everybody.

A 60-second rampage unfolded inside Shop and Go off Crittenden Drive early Feb. 4. Surveillance video captured the chaos from the moment 32-year-old James Spaulding walked in the door. 

A witness who ran out described the argument.

"The guy ran into the liquor store saying he's getting robbed," the witness said. "Said, 'I'm getting robbed!' -- then he hopped over the counter while my buddy was back there."

When Spaulding jumped over the counter, he tossed a phone out of the hands of store clerk, Kamal Zedan, who in turn, pulled out a gun. The employee on the opposite side, Denny Davis, picked up the phone and appeared to attempt a call as Zendan and Spaulding continued to fight. 

The handgun fell off the counter, Spaulding dove over and Davis was shot and killed. 

The surviving clerk then called 911: 

DISPATCHER: How many people are injured? 

ZENDAN: I think two, and I might be too. I don't know.

DISPATCHER: Okay, is everyone awake? 

ZENDAN: I don't know, I'm hiding behind the counter.

DISPATCHER: Okay, okay. Hold on just a moment for me okay?

Calls to 911 came from all directions as police said Spaulding continued his path of destruction down the block. 

WITNESS: I see someone walking outside...He just broke a window on a house. 

DISPATCHER: Can you give me a description of him?

WITNESS: Somebody just shot an [EXPLETIVE] bullet through my door and is screaming help outside.

WITNESS: I was just calling to say we found the gun. It was the gun that broke my window. 

Dash cam footage shows police chasing Spaulding on I-65 near the Watterson Expressway. Spaulding spun out in a Ford pickup truck. 

The body camera revealed what happened next.

"Get on the ground!" shouted one officer. "Let me see your hands!"

Police struggled to get Spaulding in handcuffs. One officer was bitten, and eventually Spaulding was tazed, bringing a dramatic ending to a horrific night. 

"No, no, no!" Spaulding shouted. "Jesus, shoot me!"

Spaulding is charged with murder and attempted murder, wanton endangerment and robbery. He's pleaded not guilty but remains in jail. 

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