BRUSSELS (AP) -- Belgian prosecutors have arrested six people connection to investigation into this week's airport and subway attacks. 

The arrests were made late Thursday during raids in central Brussels, Jette and the Schaerbeek neighborhood.

Police found a large stash of explosives and other bomb-making material earlier this week in an apartment in Schaerbeek believed used by the suicide bombers.

Schaerbeek residents described hearing detonations during the police raids. It was unclear whether they were explosions or controlled detonations.

The news comes after hundreds of people gathered at a central Brussels plaza to honor those killed in the extremist attacks.

Also today, European justice and home affairs ministers are calling on the European parliament "as a matter of urgency" to adopt an agreement that would allow authorities to exchange airport passenger data.

The ministers issued a statement of solidarity with Belgium following an emergency meeting. The joint statement condemned the "horrific terrorist acts" on Tuesday in Brussels and described them as "an attack on our open, democratic society."

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