LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A 15-year-old mother charged with the murder of her newborn girl last July admitted to police that she “smothered” the baby girl.

“I was just scared,” Jasmine Wade told police on July 22, 2015, according to an audio of the interview made public in her criminal court file.

“I didn’t want anybody to find out,” she said, while crying. “I didn’t want to be pregnant. "It was going to mess up my future.”

Wade said she had stomach pain while visiting her grandmother at Jewish Hospital on July 22, and went to use the restroom.

“It just came out,” she said of the newborn. “And I looked down and it was a little baby…. I couldn’t believe it was happening.”

Wade said she looked at the baby for several minutes in the bathroom, wrapped the newborn in towels and held her.

“I was just talking to it,” Wade told police. Wade, who had believed for about a month that she might be pregnant, said she began rocking the newborn, as the infant opened her eyes.

When Wade heard doctors coming in to her grandmother’s room, she said she wrapped a towel tightly around the infant, covering her face, and put the newborn in a plastic bag.

“Basically I smothered it,” Wade said, as she sobbed.  “…I was just going to keep it a secret."

The newborn, named Jazmine Berry, died of smothering and abandonment, according to a medical examiner’s report in court files.

Wade also texted a friend, telling her the newborn was “crying and opening its eyes and everything. I had to kill it."

Wade has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, abuse of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence.

Police have said Wade’s family did not know she was pregnant. 

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