LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Hardin County is tapping a home-grown educator for its biggest job.

Monday the district's board of education named Teresa Morgan Hardin County School's new Superintendent.

"I care about students more than anything," Morgan said.

She brings nearly 30 years in education -- Hardin County education -- to the position. She started as a special education teacher in Vine Grove and worked her way up to the district's director of elementary curriculum and instruction. 

Morgan said her biggest challenges will be budget cuts from the state. 

"They're talking about cutting from family resource centers and possibly preschools," Morgan said.

She'll also need to recruit teachers to the rural district. 

"The number of teachers we have going into education at the college level is shrinking our number of applicants," Morgan said.

Morgan fills the shoes of Nannette Johnston, which will be a challenge in and of itself. The average superintendent's term is 3-6 years, but Johnston had been in the role in Hardin County for 10, taking the district from needing improvement to ranking near the top 10 percent in the state.

"The number one thing I'd tell any leader: that if you treat every child like they're your own, you are not going to go wrong," Johnston said.

Morgan plans to continue the district's investment in college and career programs, "making sure those career paths meet the needs of our current students and the business populations."

Programs like the one student Aiyana Cardwell enjoys at John Hardin, for example. The sophomore is enrolled in a media studies program which uses video to keep the school up to date on news and stories. 

"I think it's good we got a new superintendent because she might have different view on what goes on in our schools than what the old one had," Cardwell said. "So we'll get to experience a new way."

For Cardwell and 14,000-plus students in Hardin County, the story is still developing, with the ending yet to come. 

"That's the task at hand, is to make sure we don't miss a step," Morgan said.

Morgan's contract is $140,000 a year for four years. She takes over in July.

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