FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- There has been a lot of finger pointing at the Kentucky Capitol, but so far there's no budget. 

Gov. Matt Bevin and GOP leaders say they're ready to negotiate, and are blaming the holdup on House Speaker Greg Stumbo. 

Bevin said Tuesday his top priority is to shore up the pension fund. He criticized Democrats for not being serious -- as he put it -- about finding common ground. 

"The time is now upon us to get the task accomplished, to sit down in good faith," Bevin said at a news conference Tuesday morning. "There has been only one party that has said we may walk out of here without a budget: that is the one party not standing before you today. That is unacceptable. That is a weak way out. That is what happens when people are unwilling to do the job they were elected to do."

But as budget negotiations continued, it was the Democrats who offered a compromise. House Chairman Rick Rand said they would agree to a pension trust fund of $250 million - half of what Bevin has requested - in exchange for restoring the cuts to education. 

Lawmakers are still talking, but the clock is ticking. The session ends April 12, and that includes just three days when the full legislature meets. 

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