LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man saying a final good-bye to his wife of 57 years came home to more bad news.

The case involves three suspects. Two of them are locked up at Metro Corrections.

Police say they burglarized the man's home while he was attending his wife's funeral last week.

"It was already the worse day of his life," said Det. Tim Davis, with 4th Divisions Burglary Interdiction Unit. "He was burying his wife and while he was at the funeral somebody broke into his home, and that's what he came home to."

Davis said the suspects in this case may have hit a new low. "It's deplorable. It's horrible."

The suspects are Brittany Poynter and brothers, Sean and Shane Henderson.

"He came home and his side door was kicked open and some property was stolen from his home," said Det. Davis.

Davis said the suspects took electronics, a safe and many family heirlooms.

"One of the brothers orchestrated the entire crime. He knew that this gentleman was not going to be home because he was going to be at his wife's funeral."

The investigation eventually led police to Cash America Pawn on New Cut Road, inside they say they found evidence connecting all of the suspects to the case.

Davis explained, "We determine there was a video showing the suspects pawning this property."

All three suspects were arrested on Monday. Police said that's because the Burglary Interdiction Unit looked in all the right places.

"We are pretty familiar with a lot of the burglars that live in this division -- their M.O. -- so, we pretty much kind of knew where to begin," said Det. Davis.

Meanwhile, it is a sad time for the victim but you could say part of this story has a happy ending.

Davis said, "We were able to get all of his property back, all of it. He'll be getting his television back, we were able to get his safe back with watches and some souvenirs and memorabilia that were special to him, we were able to recover that."

The victim is still grieving and did not want to go on camera, but he told WDRB News by phone that he wanted to thank LMPD for solving the case so quickly.

The Henderson brothers are being held on a $5,000.00 cash bond.

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